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Okay, so it took a while for me to get around to posting again, but here I am.

Post-graduate adventures are... not terribly adventurous, but that's to be expected.

Have been occupying myself by reading lots of fun-to-read fantasy books (reading things that are entertaining! It's a thing!), trying to get some drawing in, and making/conceiving of elaborate hair falls and other head decorations. The vegan-unfriendly hair accessory notions are plentiful. Working on three things at the moment:

1) Set of peacock-color-scheme hair falls that will eventually have actual peacock feathers in them once I figure out a stable way of attaching them.
2) Set of foresty-colored hair falls that may or may not be rigged up to attach to a pair of smallish deer antlers that a friend gave me. Many bluebird feathers to be incorporated, possibly some other bones and things.
3) Elaborate crazy head decoration consisting of bone-and-other-dead-animal-part-riddled hair falls coming off of the upper half of a coyote skull. Not sure what I'm going to do with the lower jaw. Something will occur to me, I'm sure.

Going to be home for a couple days with the gentleman at the end of the month on our way out to the country, and will be getting lots of bones/fur/feathers from my brother, who has an extensive collection after many years of roadkill scavenging. It's good to know other people who like to make art out of dead stuff.

Speaking of which, have found a place to live with people I like. My current housemates, although they are my friends, have views on such things as cleanliness and amount of time it is acceptable to sit in front of the TV playing video games that diverge considerably from my own. Have determined that continuing to live with them will lead only to a descent into madness. So, I shall be moving in a month into a ridiculous pink stucco house with a garden full of edible things. One of my future housemates also enjoys making art from animal parts. All housemates are awesome, clean, and motivated to do fun things. Hurray.

Still looking for an actual job. Going to be starting a part-time work-at-home data input job in the foreseeable future, but in the meantime need to find some sort of menial labor to get me out of the house and pay the bills. So, there's that, and beyond that it's mainly cello playin', makin' stuff and readin' books.

I am so glad to be done with Reed.


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