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Turns out I fail at posting even when I don't have school keeping me busy. Alas. Here are some highlights of Stuff That Has Been Going On:

I: Jobs! Got an interview last week at Barnes & Noble. Will likely (hopefully) be having a second one sometime this week. I want this job. 1) Books! 2) Sweet benefits possible 3) People who work there don't seem to hate it too violently 4) Pays actual money 5) Books!

I've started doing my part-time data entry shindig. My boss (who is awesome) flew me up to Bainbridge Island for a couple days to learn how everything works. It is very straightforward. And yay awesome boss. Also yay $10/hour.

II: Making things! Still making stuff. Made a ridiculous headdress for FaerieWorlds, which was much commented-upon. There are photos of it on the internets here.

Also made two sets of hair falls which I have actually, like, listed for sale (woo!). They are seeable in my Etsy shop. Now if only somebody would buy 'em...

III: Fire and Goths! Spinning fire every Sunday for disaffected goths. They are disaffected and gothy. But it's a couple bucks and a free beer for something I'd be doing anyway, so I ain't complaining.

IV: Books! I read the first two books of the fucking Twilight fucking saga, and they are the most insipid books I have ever laid eyes on. Worst ever. They anger me on multiple levels, but mostly they anger me because I am inexplicably compelled to read the rest of them. They dredge down deep inside you, find the part of you that is a remnant of the days when you were a hyperemotional 16-year-old girl, and drag it screaming to the surface of your brain where you have no hope of escaping it even though you were quite happy to leave it behind and never ever wanted to be a teenage girl again thank you very much. Go to hell, Stephenie Meyer. I hate you personally.

However, I am now reading the Public Works Trilogy by Guy Ruff, which is hilarious and awesome.


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